European Holidays

As many people know, I spent the recent X-mas and New Years holidays gallivanting around Italy and the French Riviera with the same friends that I went to South America with a few months ago... and while Colombia was fun back in November, this trip to Europe was considerably more exciting. Speaking as an artist and former teacher, I've always wanted to visit Rome specifically and glimpse such a place that clearly struggles with the accommodation the modern world amidst an amazing culture of historical and artistic tradition unlike any other.

Again, for the curious of mind, here are some travel photos...

Milan and Monaco:
Rome and Pisa:

Meanwhile, on another page of things going on in my life... While I was overseas, Jack Black's version of Gulliver's Travels came out in US theaters. The release of this film is something that I consider very bittersweet. It is a film I worked on as a stereoscopic artist and my colleagues and I are really proud of surviving the very hard work we put into it... but unfortunately, from a non-VFX perspective, like many other Holiday releases and/or Jack Black films, most people pretty much know what they are going to get when they go to see Gulliver. Thus unlike it's Oscar-nominated predecessor, the modern film version of Gulliver's Travels isn't doing so great at the box office or with critics. Oh well, hopefully The Green Hornet will do better in the coming week, which I also did some work on.




marketplus said…
wonderful holiday!
wish I could do the same

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