Artemis Hood

The year is 2074, and it has been two decades since creatures previously thought to be mere myth have come out of hiding and changed many aspects of the world as we know it... including law enforcement. Amidst the peacekeepers of this unpredictable new era is a particularly scrappy and resourceful federal agent named Artemis Hood. Artemis Hood is an ongoing digital comic book series I've been working on as my main side project this year. It's about a werewolf hunting FBI agent uncovering a dark conspiracy in a future set several years after humanity narrowly avoided being wiped out.  Check out Artemis Hood now on Amazon Kindle,ComixCentralBarnes & Noble NookSmashwords and other great e-reading platforms that sell comics and graphic novels.

Robots & Junk Food

Robots & Junk Food is the second story in The Starfall Chronicles and sequel to my first science fiction novella Blue Shift. It's currently available as an ebook on Kindle, as well as a Print Version that can be bought on sites like Amazon or ordered through retailers like Barnes & Noble.  Go give it a read, and if you're a Kindle reader that turns out to enjoy it, be sure to give it a good review on Amazon.

Remembering Tommy

Once upon a time, well over 30 years ago, I was a primary school student at Holy Cross, a Catholic parish and grade school in Western Massachusetts. On one random day, I got into a schoolyard brawl with some goofy smart-mouth kid named Tommy. To this day, I don't recall what that particular fight was about, just that it was the first of several knock-down, drag-out, schoolyard scuffles that would repeatedly land both of our asses in the principal's office.

Whenever Tommy and I were sent to the principal, we would sit side-by-side outside the office, on a tacky green office couch, waiting to be scolded by the top nun in the joint. Thankfully, this was in the years shortly after nuns had permanently holstered their rulers. Each time Tommy and I were sent to the principal's office, we would just sit petulantly, semi-supervised with no choice but to be civil towards each other while we waited for our scolding and were forced to make up. Over the course of numerous visits to th…

A 'Little' Something to Finish With...

I doubt my name got into the screen credits of this one, but I did indeed do work on it, and it is probably the last Marvel movie I'll ever work on. So, when you get a chance, be sure to go see it in 3D.

So, I guess I was wrong... In the Summer of 2016, I was briefly brought on to Doctor Strange as a compositing supervisor.  Never say never. :)

Rated W for TF

Today, I officially find video game rating systems both adorable and ridiculous. If you've read this blog before, you might recognize the video below. It shows footage from an Android game that I created and published on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store last year. As of today, it has international age-related content ratings. I don't know why the game needs content ratings all of the sudden, but in any event, it has them now.  The "adorable" and "rediculous" I mentioned above come from the regional/cultural differences between the international content ratings. For example, in Korea and Europe, the game is designated as suitable for children 7 and up, while in the US its rated T for Teen, and in Australia it is considered unsuitable for kids under 15... but, at the end of the day folks, just judge for yourself.

JetPack Kitty Attack on Google Play