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Jet Pack Kitty Attack Play Footage

Yesterday, for your viewing pleasure, I uploaded some play footage of my game Jet Pack Kitty Attack, available for Android and Kindle in both the Google Play store and the mobile apps section of

However, in case 99 cents is too rich for anyone, I also recently released a free version of 'Jet Pack Kitty Attack' that can be downloaded for Android here:
...but just be warned, because the free version is free, it has ads and not all of the features that are in the full game.

Jet Pack Kitty Attack for Android

Well everyone, I've recently gotten around to creating my second Android app, and this time, it's the beginning of my long-awaited foray into mobile game development. It's a little game called JetPack Kitty Attackand it's probably a bit more cute and silly than most folks might expect from me for my inevitable return to indie game development. However, in life, you've got to follow your heart, but you've also got to give the people what they want, and goodness knows, both me and the internet do love cats. :)
As of right now, this game only costs a buck. So, if you can spare that and you're reading this on a Google phone or tablet, then feel free to click below and try it out... and heck, if you like it, feel free to give it some stars and a groovy review.