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Unusual Post Perspective

In my last blog entry, I mentioned something negative that happens from time to time when you happen to work in motion picture visual effects and post production. This time, I'm here to express something else about my job that can sometimes take some of the fun out of seeing movies, but at the same time, offers a larger and more unique mental perspective when it comes to films.
Over the past couple of years, I've found that after working on any given movie, I usually don't try to see that particular film for several months to just over a year. You may ask, "why so long?" or "aren't you proud of getting to work on big movies, Chris?" Well, with the occasional exception, of course I'm proud of the films I work on. However, for a combination of reasons, sometimes it's really hard to enjoy the visual story experience of a movie when it consumes a few months of your life in the form of grueling 40 to 90 hour work weeks. Sure, sometimes I'll …