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Jet Pack Kitty Attack Play Footage

Yesterday, for your viewing pleasure, I uploaded some play footage of my game Jet Pack Kitty Attack, available for Android and Kindle in both the Google Play store and the mobile apps section of

However, in case 99 cents is too rich for anyone, I also recently released a free version of 'Jet Pack Kitty Attack' that can be downloaded for Android here:
...but just be warned, because the free version is free, it has ads and not all of the features that are in the full game.

Jet Pack Kitty Attack for Android

Well everyone, I've recently gotten around to creating my second Android app, and this time, it's the beginning of my long-awaited foray into mobile game development. It's a little game called JetPack Kitty Attackand it's probably a bit more cute and silly than most folks might expect from me for my inevitable return to indie game development. However, in life, you've got to follow your heart, but you've also got to give the people what they want, and goodness knows, both me and the internet do love cats. :)
As of right now, this game only costs a buck. So, if you can spare that and you're reading this on a Google phone or tablet, then feel free to click below and try it out... and heck, if you like it, feel free to give it some stars and a groovy review.

Thanks For The Attention, Ladies...

EDIT: This post used to be a big fat rant about how incredibly complicated and frustrating it can be to date in Los Angeles when you are bald and over 40, especially if someone tries to hijack your identity. However, in the interest of keeping things simple and less negative, I will simply warn all who read this that the politically-moderate Christian widower shown in the photo below is NOT me, and he might not even be a real person. If you are ever contacted by someone using this image on a dating or social media website, this individual is about to try to scam you out of some money.

My Ice Bucket Challenge

My friend Oksun from Indonesia recently nominated me and a few other friends for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. After briefly thinking it over, I decided to respond to the challenge in basically the same manner that the immortal Sir Patrick Stewart did. 

Even though it has been very fun and entertaining to watch this particular meme take the interwebs by storm... Please don't forget, it's all to raise awareness toward the funding of research in a battle against a terrible disease. 
Here's a link if you are interested in donating:

My First Android Phone App

As if having a career that works me anywhere from 40 to 100 hours a week doesn't keep me busy enough, as many folks know, I've always got a number of side projects going on.  For a long time now, one area I've been meaning to foray into is Android app development.  After a long period of on-and-off dabbling on the matter, I buckled down recently and submitted my very first mobile phone app to the the Android app store yesterday.  It's nothing mind-blowing; simply a slightly generic app intended to promote my online job hunting site VFX Job Hunt.

However, in spite of completing what some would consider to be such a simple thing, there is something to be said about following through on, learning from and completing a new process. Now that I've cracked the ice on a new means of sharing a creative process, I have all sort of random semi-formed ideas for other apps that I might take a crack at creating. ...but in the meantime, if you happen to be an Android smartphone …

Unusual Post Perspective

In my last blog entry, I mentioned something negative that happens from time to time when you happen to work in motion picture visual effects and post production. This time, I'm here to express something else about my job that can sometimes take some of the fun out of seeing movies, but at the same time, offers a larger and more unique mental perspective when it comes to films.
Over the past couple of years, I've found that after working on any given movie, I usually don't try to see that particular film for several months to just over a year. You may ask, "why so long?" or "aren't you proud of getting to work on big movies, Chris?" Well, with the occasional exception, of course I'm proud of the films I work on. However, for a combination of reasons, sometimes it's really hard to enjoy the visual story experience of a movie when it consumes a few months of your life in the form of grueling 40 to 90 hour work weeks. Sure, sometimes I'll …