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Thanks for the Acknowledgement

When you work in movie post production and visual effects, sometimes you feel very little appreciation... and in recent years, a lot of that appreciation has to be fought for.  In recent weeks, I personally felt the sting of lacking acknowledgement when, along with several of my colleagues, I was omitted from the screen credits of the Marvel film Thor: The Dark World.  Now to be clear, this was far from the first time I felt this particular sting. No matter how long the credits are, it seems some/several VFX artists always get omitted, and this wasn't the first time for me. However,the first Thor film was the first really big blockbuster I worked on, and my name is in those end credits, as well as the end credits of The Avengers. That being said, the on-screen version of Thor's little section of the Marvel Universe has a rather special place in my heart. After several frustration-filled, hard-fought 40 to 85 hour work weeks of making the Dark World look cool, I honestly don&#…