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A Brief Return to Asia

As those who follow me on social media sites know, a few of weeks ago, I finally got to return to Southeast Asia, a region where I lived 5 years ago, back when I was a college lecturer.  I reconnected with old friends, made new friends, ate exotic foods, attended weddings, walked amazing beaches, visited cool temples, saw wild animals and even had a few exciting romantic adventures that I probably shouldn't get into in this blog. ;) As I've said before, the traveler's greatest dilemma is the ability to be homesick for more than one place, and sadly, now that I am back in Los Angeles working hard for my less-than-Hollywood but Hollywood paycheck, I keep wondering why I even returned stateside.  Perhaps some day (maybe sooner than later) I will live in Asia again and see the people I care about there more frequently... but for now, here's links to photos of my recent adventures: 
Killing time in Taiwan -|-  The Indonesian Adventure -
...and here's some footage of m…