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My Job on TV

I am a digital artist by trade, and currently, the kind of digital artwork I do for a living is stereoscopic film conversion for Hollywood movies. In super-simple terms, stereoscopic film conversion is where you take a movie that was shot in 2D and create a 3D version after the fact.  Now, while most folks would consider working on movies to be glamorous and/or fascinating, amid the worlds of film-making and visual effects, stereo conversion is usually given the critical shaft and is frequently referred to in negative lights by layperson and critic alike, regardless of their intellectual qualification to comment ...usually... but not this past week. :)
I have to say, it was a kind of uplifting to see this positive and informative piece that G4 TV's Attack of the Show recently shot at my workplace about our work on Titanic 3D. 
Game Trailers - E3 2012 - AOTS Exclusive