Sunday, February 12, 2012

Social Media Points

As many folks know, in what little spare time I have, aside from my own personal website I run a number of other websites such as VFX Job Hunt and Game Dev Unfortunately, as I've found over the years, whenever you have useful information on these kinds of websites, but don't have much time to work on site promotion, social media such as Facebook and Twitter become very valuable. 
...and strangely enough (or perhaps naturally) websites that aid in the use of social media sites have also popped up in recent years and have since made themselves very valuable to certain users of the web.

Over the past several months, I've found two of such sites to be particularly useful in growing Facebook fan pages, Twitter followers and website traffic overall, and I'd like to share them in this blog post.
One of which is You Like Hits...

You Like Hits is a site where you gain "points" by following, subscribing, liking, ect. other members, and in turn, these points are spent when members follow, subscribe, like, ect. to you. You can buy points with Paypal, but I've had pretty solid results with this site without having to resort to that.

...and there is also Twiends

While many bloggers and other people on the web will quickly discount because it has seen better days (and it really has), I've found that there is still a bit of life in this old girl. Like You Like Hits, Twiends uses a point-based system where members exchange Twitter follows, but just Twitter follows. Twiends doesn't support Facebook, Youtube or regular websites anymore... Like I said, it's seen better days.

Quick side-note/disclaimer: When/if you use these kinds of sites to boost your website traffic and social media presence, as with any social website, be aware that there are always bad apples looking to abuse the system to various ends.  Interact cautiously, but at the same time, don't get quickly discouraged if initial results aren't great and don't be afraid experiment... Nothing ventured, etc. etc.  ;)