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Sharing is Caring

For some time now, I've been running a website called VFX Job, which is a site dedicated to helping digital artists in entertainment fields (like myself) find work, mainly by syndicating visual effects and animation job postings from around the web. While the job postings at VFX Job Hunt do include video game jobs, over time, I've been more and more of the opinion that game jobs deserve additional and separate attention. Thus, I recently created a separate similar site:
So, for all my aspiring and experienced game artist and programmer friends out there (and there are quite a few of you), please check out and tell your friends about ...and more importantly, let me know what you think. Also, on a much less serious note, a very interesting friend of mine created this site that I'd also like to share: 
This site is a satirical endeavor that I feel the need to share because I find it very amusing...…