Sunday, December 19, 2010

Isis Strike Revisited

Over the past week, in spite of having very little free time, I (metaphorically) dusted off some of my old game development tools and decided to revisit that particular former pastime. This time around, with the intent of just playing around (as opposed to taking another crack at the indie software business any time soon), I had an interesting little success in recently converting my old Windows game Isis Strike to an Adobe Flash version. So basically, now Isis Strike can be played in any major operating system with high speed internet, so long as Adobe Flash player is installed.

Note / Disclaimer: During the bug-fighting and other experiments of the conversion process, there were some minor changes to the game- Most notably, there are (1) a little less variety of enemies, (2) more weapons and (3) I apologize in advance for whatever looks less cool in 256 colors. Also, like the original Isis Strike, the game's pace gets a little fast, so be sure to close any unnecessary browser tabs if it plays choppy. Aside from all that though, I think it's still a fun and slightly addictive little shoot-em-up. So, please enjoy. :)