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Rolling in Miami

Just when I was really starting to complain that I never seem to travel anymore, this past weekend, my business partner and I took off for a brief working holiday down in Miami.

While I'm not sure if Miami makes my top ten all-time travel destinations, this weekend showed me it definitely gets honorable mention as a place worth checking out at some point. Between a beachy urban energy only slightly more sane than LA, multicultural art deco settings that vaguely remind me of Singapore and an unstoppable Latin funk that you can only hope to find in Florida, Miami is clearly one of those fascinating cities of the world that has it's own unmistakable persona.Oh, and when I say "multicultural" I really f@#king mean it! At midnight on Saturday, I stood in the most subculturally diverse fast food take out line ever, comprised of myself, some Latino gang-bangers, three douche-bag frat boys, a redneck tourist and her small daughter, a pair of crack-heads from the hood (orderi…