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Earlier this week, I had intended to write a blog entry detailing my experiences taking a road trip with some buddies to attend the Evolve 3D animation conference in Fort Lauderdale last weekend. I had also intended to explain my last brief and weird blog entry a bit. Unfortunately, more serious obligations hijacked my week and this is the first time I've been willing and able to blog since the last entry.

On the topic of Evolve 3D, several days later, I really don't have too much to say about it. With the exception of one really good speaker, the conference was actually quite a letdown on the whole. The event started really late, half the speakers weren't very informative and the whole "job fair" portion only consisted of six recruiters with only a few seeming serious about looking for talent. Suffice to say, I seriously doubt I ever would pay to attend Evolve 3D again if it becomes a recurring event. As it turns out, rather than the actual event I traveled for, …

To whom it may concern...

As I write this, I am in the middle of another slightly adventurous weekend... and while I intend to write a substantial blog entry explaining it a bit... for the time being, I am simply going to quickly use the wifi connection available to me right now to tell the world:
If I get arrested or killed this weekend, it is my friend Dwight’s fault! :P

A Weekend With Family

The act of visiting one’s family and friends can take many forms and contexts, but this Easter weekend, for me, it was mainly a welcome change of pace.

For numerous reasons, both practical and irrational, I took an short break from my life in Florida to visit my parents as well as a few other loved ones in Massachusetts over this weekend.Unfortunately, my excursion north was somewhat hampered due to a seasonal illness passed to me from my roommate in the most recent demonstration of timing that implies him to be an escapee from a wacky sitcom... but regardless… as implied by the image of my homegirl above, as well as the silly video below, I didn’t let any mere cold virus ruin too much of my fun. The following is a Youtube video of me using a laser pointer to mess with my brother's cat... In the name of simple humor, I am NOT above cliche! ;)