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In spite of bearing certain interests and behaviors that have labeled me quite the "geek" or "nerd" throughout my life, I had never attended any kind of science fiction or comic book convention, until recently. This weekend, "MegaCon" is going on in central Florida, and in the spirit of both trying something new and just being a pal, I got to go for free while helping fellow artist Jeff Brennan work his comic signing table.
I do have to admit it was quite a fun experience to find myself in a sea of humanity comprised of quasi-celebrities, racially-divergent anime characters, hopeful media merchants and painted faces (often resembling the late Heath Ledger). I walked among them all, wandering about while eyeballing all sorts of cool and fun-looking collectibles that my broke ass can’t currently afford and have no real space for anyway. I’ve gotta say, it was pretty fun. Mind you, my heart went out to certain actors and models signing autographs, as if dispa…

Happy President's Day

Now that we finally have a decent one, it's more like a real holiday! :)

Gay Ol' Super Bowl Sunday

So, this weekend, my roommates and I did some grocery shopping and I couldn't help but to be amused and snap a shot or two of this promotional sand sculpture that Gatorade set up at our local store for Super Bowl Sunday. Given that Gatorade's slogan is "is it in you" one has to ponder how much the guy in front looks happy and the guy in back looks comfortable.

Seriously, jeez! As if American Football didn't have enough intense clutching and thrusting already. Exactly how fierce is Gatorade Fierce? Well, now I officially never want to know! :P

Have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday, folks! :)