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Animating Both Old and New School

Over the past several months I've been whipping my digital 3D art skills into serious shape, and recently I've shifted my focus to animation. Over the years, it seems I've taken a crack at every kind of animation-oriented software you can imagine, be it from Milkshape to 3DS Max, or from Clickteam's products to those of Adobe… but now as I tinker and familiarize with the animation idiosyncrasies of Lightwave Layout, I find that the challenge of my focus is not simply on what or where to click. Admittedly, what a lot of people don't know about animation is for it to be truly effective, as with any art, established time honored principles must be acknowledged. Animation has to to maintain a performance that represents elements of reality through the building of image sequences that the viewer seamlessly interprets as motion, regardless of artistic style. While it's very important to know or understand the varying features and functions of any modern tool or app…

Working & Chillaxing into the New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy time this past New Years Eve. With luck, 2009 will be way more prosperous and sexy than '08 was. Feeling a little under the weather the other night, I actually didn't do much exciting to usher in the new year. However, in the interest of keeping people posted on what I've been up to over my current holiday break, aside from beating MK vs DC at least once a day on the 360 and working on an illustration project for a good friend, I've also been continuing my quest to beef up my 3d art skills. The images below represent recent works in progress and are pretty much just for fun... but feel free to enjoy and offer feedback nonetheless. :)

Gundammit all! :P

Breaking down the concept: "pretty boy"

Gotta get him some better hair plugs. :)