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Here I go again…

In sync with my perpetual desire to escape New England winters, this weekend, I have moved to Orlando Florida in an arrangement that will keep me here for at least a year. It’s only been a couple of days and my new roommates seem very cool so far; but I am still settling in... so, the jury is still out, for the most part. Thus far, in a weird way, central Florida reminds me of what Oahu Hawaii would be like if God decided to lose the volcano and stretch the island out really flat. However, in spite of lacking certain things I really loved about New England, I have come across some of the goodies I often miss when I leave the northeast, such as Friendly’s ice cream for example… So, I guess we’ll see.

Dome of the Race Rock:
This "Race Rock" building is right across from the entrance to my new place...
...and due to it's shape and paint job, I've dubbed it the Race Car Mosque. :P

My Friend's House

Recently, my best friend Ezell the Daddy Dev has been buckling down on some really cool interactive web programming. This recent example of his professional work is especially cool to me, because it features one of my all-time favorite TV characters, the Fox Network's infamous and incomparable Dr. House...

...Go ahead, sample the good doctor's one-of-a-kind bedside manner. ;)

Two Days in Orlando

As everyone can tell from the existence of this post, In spite of a weird omen, some travel dilemmas and violent storms down south, I did survive my little 9/11 Florida trip.

Prior to this week, I had never been to Florida before, and part of the reason I went down is because it really looks like I’ll be moving to Orlando at the end of this month. So, I guess it’s a good thing I got to check it out this week, before jumping in head first. In all honesty, I do have to admit that I've always been very curious about the twenty-seventh state. Throughout my life, I’ve heard people describe Florida as “one of the nicest parts of America” as well as “a Darwinian black hole” and several other things in-between. Given the fact that I only had a couple of days to check it out and I was neither killed nor insanely awe-struck, for the moment, I will assume a healthy middle-ground and hope for the best. Either way, it seems I’ll see for sure in a month or two.

Breaking a Personal Rule

When normal people have errands to run, it’s usually just around the corner or a quick drive across town… but as most folks know, I’m not “normal people”. This weekend I’ve got errands to run in Florida. So, this year I’ll be breaking my personal rule of not doing any noteworthy travel on September 11th by taking a little flight down south.

In spite of a certain insistence that I have a very special relationship with the universe (but don’t we all), I tend not to be what most people would consider sincerely superstitious.However, after some mishaps checking in this morning, as I sit at the airline gate waiting for my boarding time, I have to admit to being a little taken back when, just moments ago, I purchased a breakfast sandwich and beverage here in the terminal and they totaled $6.66. Given the uselessness of flight-related anxiety, I’ll choose to write it off as nothing more than a light prank from the powers that be, if even that. (In just a few hours we’ll know for sure anyway.)…