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Alright, Here's Some More

It's barely been a full day since yesterday's post and I've already heard from people asking me to post more New York images. I honestly don't think too many of the NY photos I've taken so far are that good, mainly because I haven't been doing nearly as much sightseeing as in my previous trips to the Big Apple ...but I do like to give the people what they want, so here's some more pics for those of you that want 'em. :)

Some Random NY Pictures

It's been almost 2 weeks since I started my current adventure of living in New York, and while I have been very occupied with things both personal and professional, I'm quite certain there are a few people out there who are getting kinda cross with me for not taking the time to post some photos. So, for your viewing pleasure, here's some shots to tide you guys over. ;)

Woke Up in a City That Never Sleeps

After a bizarre train ride out of Connecticut yesterday, I now find myself in the city so nice they named it twice. From now until question mark, I'll be living with friends in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn and operating out of New York City in general. The plan is to make it here so I can make it anywhere... and so far, so fun... so, we'll see. ;)

Oh, and don't worry folks, I'll get around to taking some pics soon enough.

...Enough cliches for such a short post? ;)


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