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Appreciate the Little Things

...Because you never know what's going to brighten your day. :)

An Ominous Feeling

A German Pope at Yankee Stadium on Adolf Hitler's birthday?!?

I don't even know WTF to say next... but it's gotta mean something! As a Red Sox fan, I haven't felt such a disturbance in the Force since Johnny Damon was turned to the dark side.

Cross Country Chris

Well, never say never, I guess. I always said I was done with cold weather locales, and even though this isn't quite the dead of winter, I'm still not crazy about any thing under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Just the same, I have very recently returned to the northeastern US. I will be spending the month of April chilling out with my friends and family in Western Massachusetts before hitting the road again for my next adventure of sorts. I already disparately miss the friendships and beautiful locations I enjoyed in Hawaii, and even still, it is sometimes a bit tender to reminisce about some of my former students in Asia... but so far, it has been worth it to enjoy Mom's cooking again, surprise certain people at home or work and occasionally pet the handsome guy to the left.

Side note: My inexpensive and connection-heavy trip home has left me a little inspired to write something comparing the various airports I've encountered in the trips of my life; most recently: tropical …

Sometimes Aloha Means Goodbye

As much as many people might think this is an April Fools joke, it seems that the time has finally come to pack up and start another chapter in this strenuous but thrilling story that I call my life. Hawaii will always hold a very revered spot in my heart, but now it is time to go... However, if you think for even a second that I will not come back some day, you should really lay off the stupidity pills. ;)

I would like to share lots of mahalo to everyone in Hawaii who showed me kindness while I lived there... from those who simply showed extra patience to my eccentricities to those who sincerely opened their hearts to treat me like family ...especially Cami. ;)

I will return... but until then... Aloha.