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Rated W for TF

Today, I officially find video game rating systems both adorable and ridiculous. If you've read this blog before, you might recognize the video below. It shows footage from an Android game that I created and published on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store last year. As of today, it has international age-related content ratings. I don't know why the game needs content ratings all of the sudden, but in any event, it has them now.  The "adorable" and "rediculous" I mentioned above come from the regional/cultural differences between the international content ratings. For example, in Korea and Europe, the game is designated as suitable for children 7 and up, while in the US its rated T for Teen, and in Australia it is considered unsuitable for kids under 15... but, at the end of the day folks, just judge for yourself.

JetPack Kitty Attack on Google Play