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My First Android Phone App

As if having a career that works me anywhere from 40 to 100 hours a week doesn't keep me busy enough, as many folks know, I've always got a number of side projects going on.  For a long time now, one area I've been meaning to foray into is Android app development.  After a long period of on-and-off dabbling on the matter, I buckled down recently and submitted my very first mobile phone app to the the Android app store yesterday.  It's nothing mind-blowing; simply a slightly generic app intended to promote my online job hunting site VFX Job Hunt.

However, in spite of completing what some would consider to be such a simple thing, there is something to be said about following through on, learning from and completing a new process. Now that I've cracked the ice on a new means of sharing a creative process, I have all sort of random semi-formed ideas for other apps that I might take a crack at creating. ...but in the meantime, if you happen to be an Android smartphone …