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Happy Holidays

In my personal tradition of spreading holiday giggles by sharing a wacky video, this December, I thought I'd go a little darker than usual. Enjoy. :)

Jazz Hands Pick-me-up

As corny as it sounds, I've recently found that no matter how discouraged or annoyed I am, the following video always seems to make me smile at least a little. Being a fan of good karma, I now share it with you.

Job Hunting

As implied by some of my previous posts, I've been looking for steady work for quite a while now. (Yeah, yeah, it's rough out there now... we all know.) So, in the interest of staying vigilant while possibly helping others, I whipped up the following job hunting blog for CG artists like myself:

I'm still goofing around with the functionality and overall design, but I say, if it helps just one artist find work, that's a good thing. I just hope that one artist is me or someone I happen to give a damn about. ;)