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メリー クリスマス

This year, I'd like to extend fun and wacky holiday wishes in the form of a classic Robot Chicken skit... Enjoy! =)

New Blog

I know it's kinda odd I start yet another new blog when it's only recently that I have time again to give any attention to the ones that I already write, but after looking at some of the videos and news articles certain friends have been sharing on Facebook recently, I had a strange and sudden urge to give my cynical side a new outlet, much at the expense of certain wackiness and idiocy that just don't fit the feel of this blog.

Panggilan Pertiwi

It's always an incredibly good feeling to watch your friends follow their dreams. Below is a film trailer for a movie that was produced and co-directed by my buddy Tommy Indratama. Tommy had a creative desire to make a very modern Indonesian war film, and on the 27th of this month, theater-going audiences in southeast Asia will get a chance to see his vision come to life. Unfortunately, I wont be anywhere near Indonesia at that time, but being the really cool guy that he is, Tommy said he'd do what he can to get a subtitled copy of the film to me here in the US. =)

Busy busy busy....

Sorry my updates and random cyber-babblings have been more and more sparse of late, folks. I have been super busy; which although tiring, is a good thing. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Turkey Day last week and hopefully I'll get both the time and inclination to get back to blogging a bit more as we get deeper into X-mas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and whatever else floats people's boats in the coming month or so. In the meantime, for your viewing curiosity, here's a few images from some of the 3D art projects I've been working on recently.