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R2-D2 World Tour

If you've been following my DeviantArt or Facebook pages, it's likely that you know I've been learning Lightwave 3D lately. In my mind, the jury is still out as to how Newtek's baby stacks up against other applications such as 3DS Max; but speaking fairly, after just a month of focusing on Lightwave, I have made A LOT of progress in better creating and understanding hi-poly 3D artwork. I'm obviously still learning, so we'll see what develops in the fullness of time... but meanwhile, here's a fun series of composite renders I created about a week ago that I'm now calling the R2 World Tour:

Even a droid can appreciate Hawaiian beauty... well as the non-stop energy of New York.

Drinking with Massholes in Northampton?
No wonder the Red R2-unit had a bad motivator.

Fortunately, a trip to certain sections of the Singapore Zoo can be quite sobering.

Where to next? ;)