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Wedding Pictures

I haven't seen any of the stuff shot by the professional photographer yet... but due to slightly popular request, here's some of the better images of B and Z's big day from my own camera.
Brien & Zandra's Wedding

Here Comes the Bride

Yesterday afternoon, my little brother Brien finally got married to his longtime girlfriend Zandra in a nice Irish Catholic ceremony, complete with fancy reception. Our family and other loved ones joyfully gathered for food, drink, music and kind intentions as we celebrated the start of Brien and Zandra's wonderful new union.

...but who cares?
I got to wear a tux, dammit! ;)

What Happens in Springfield...

Yup, I'm back in Western Massachusetts again. This time, I'm visiting my family to play Best Man while my baby brother gets a ball-and-chain attached next weekend... but before we can let any church organist play "Here Comes the Bride" the timeless and all-important ritual of the Bachelor Party simply must be observed.

The Man of the Hour - Tower of Power
Exactly how many beers makes a camera smile this cheesy?

The Andy approves of his seat in the limo.

Peter Griffin Syndrome:some women can't resist fat, drunk, loud Irish guys.

Bullseye:When hanging out with a Marine and a ninja, something's gotta rub off

Thanks to everyone who made last night possible for Brien... and not just our crew of Tommy, Andy, Joe, Jimmy, Billy, Chris, Matt and Mikey... but also Mom, Dad, Marty, Sue, Hoss, Danny, Joe's drunk chick from the photo above (whoever the Hell you are), Joe's bartender cousin, the chick that gave me a massage, the cops that didn't arrest any of us for …

New York Summer Report


My Latest Invention

The Bacon, Goulash and Cheese Sandwich
Made with American goulash and American cheese, of course. You could likely pull it off with other cheeses, but I don't think "real" goulash would work... no offense to any Eastern Europeans out there, of course.
Who sez I can't cook, huh? ;)

The Best Things in Life are Free

Like getting back at your teenage godson for being an abominable smart-ass by getting into his Myspace and changing the default profile photo to this.