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メリー クリスマス

This year, I'd like to extend fun and wacky holiday wishes in the form of a classic Robot Chicken skit... Enjoy! =)

New Blog

I know it's kinda odd I start yet another new blog when it's only recently that I have time again to give any attention to the ones that I already write, but after looking at some of the videos and news articles certain friends have been sharing on Facebook recently, I had a strange and sudden urge to give my cynical side a new outlet, much at the expense of certain wackiness and idiocy that just don't fit the feel of this blog.

Panggilan Pertiwi

It's always an incredibly good feeling to watch your friends follow their dreams. Below is a film trailer for a movie that was produced and co-directed by my buddy Tommy Indratama. Tommy had a creative desire to make a very modern Indonesian war film, and on the 27th of this month, theater-going audiences in southeast Asia will get a chance to see his vision come to life. Unfortunately, I wont be anywhere near Indonesia at that time, but being the really cool guy that he is, Tommy said he'd do what he can to get a subtitled copy of the film to me here in the US. =)

Busy busy busy....

Sorry my updates and random cyber-babblings have been more and more sparse of late, folks. I have been super busy; which although tiring, is a good thing. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Turkey Day last week and hopefully I'll get both the time and inclination to get back to blogging a bit more as we get deeper into X-mas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and whatever else floats people's boats in the coming month or so. In the meantime, for your viewing curiosity, here's a few images from some of the 3D art projects I've been working on recently.


I've got a feeling that work is about to get A LOT harder for the political satirists out there... and thank God for everyone alive to see it!

R2-D2 World Tour

If you've been following my DeviantArt or Facebook pages, it's likely that you know I've been learning Lightwave 3D lately. In my mind, the jury is still out as to how Newtek's baby stacks up against other applications such as 3DS Max; but speaking fairly, after just a month of focusing on Lightwave, I have made A LOT of progress in better creating and understanding hi-poly 3D artwork. I'm obviously still learning, so we'll see what develops in the fullness of time... but meanwhile, here's a fun series of composite renders I created about a week ago that I'm now calling the R2 World Tour:

Even a droid can appreciate Hawaiian beauty... well as the non-stop energy of New York.

Drinking with Massholes in Northampton?
No wonder the Red R2-unit had a bad motivator.

Fortunately, a trip to certain sections of the Singapore Zoo can be quite sobering.

Where to next? ;)

Here I go again…

In sync with my perpetual desire to escape New England winters, this weekend, I have moved to Orlando Florida in an arrangement that will keep me here for at least a year. It’s only been a couple of days and my new roommates seem very cool so far; but I am still settling in... so, the jury is still out, for the most part. Thus far, in a weird way, central Florida reminds me of what Oahu Hawaii would be like if God decided to lose the volcano and stretch the island out really flat. However, in spite of lacking certain things I really loved about New England, I have come across some of the goodies I often miss when I leave the northeast, such as Friendly’s ice cream for example… So, I guess we’ll see.

Dome of the Race Rock:
This "Race Rock" building is right across from the entrance to my new place...
...and due to it's shape and paint job, I've dubbed it the Race Car Mosque. :P

My Friend's House

Recently, my best friend Ezell the Daddy Dev has been buckling down on some really cool interactive web programming. This recent example of his professional work is especially cool to me, because it features one of my all-time favorite TV characters, the Fox Network's infamous and incomparable Dr. House...

...Go ahead, sample the good doctor's one-of-a-kind bedside manner. ;)

Two Days in Orlando

As everyone can tell from the existence of this post, In spite of a weird omen, some travel dilemmas and violent storms down south, I did survive my little 9/11 Florida trip.

Prior to this week, I had never been to Florida before, and part of the reason I went down is because it really looks like I’ll be moving to Orlando at the end of this month. So, I guess it’s a good thing I got to check it out this week, before jumping in head first. In all honesty, I do have to admit that I've always been very curious about the twenty-seventh state. Throughout my life, I’ve heard people describe Florida as “one of the nicest parts of America” as well as “a Darwinian black hole” and several other things in-between. Given the fact that I only had a couple of days to check it out and I was neither killed nor insanely awe-struck, for the moment, I will assume a healthy middle-ground and hope for the best. Either way, it seems I’ll see for sure in a month or two.

Breaking a Personal Rule

When normal people have errands to run, it’s usually just around the corner or a quick drive across town… but as most folks know, I’m not “normal people”. This weekend I’ve got errands to run in Florida. So, this year I’ll be breaking my personal rule of not doing any noteworthy travel on September 11th by taking a little flight down south.

In spite of a certain insistence that I have a very special relationship with the universe (but don’t we all), I tend not to be what most people would consider sincerely superstitious.However, after some mishaps checking in this morning, as I sit at the airline gate waiting for my boarding time, I have to admit to being a little taken back when, just moments ago, I purchased a breakfast sandwich and beverage here in the terminal and they totaled $6.66. Given the uselessness of flight-related anxiety, I’ll choose to write it off as nothing more than a light prank from the powers that be, if even that. (In just a few hours we’ll know for sure anyway.)…

Wedding Pictures

I haven't seen any of the stuff shot by the professional photographer yet... but due to slightly popular request, here's some of the better images of B and Z's big day from my own camera.
Brien & Zandra's Wedding

Here Comes the Bride

Yesterday afternoon, my little brother Brien finally got married to his longtime girlfriend Zandra in a nice Irish Catholic ceremony, complete with fancy reception. Our family and other loved ones joyfully gathered for food, drink, music and kind intentions as we celebrated the start of Brien and Zandra's wonderful new union.

...but who cares?
I got to wear a tux, dammit! ;)

What Happens in Springfield...

Yup, I'm back in Western Massachusetts again. This time, I'm visiting my family to play Best Man while my baby brother gets a ball-and-chain attached next weekend... but before we can let any church organist play "Here Comes the Bride" the timeless and all-important ritual of the Bachelor Party simply must be observed.

The Man of the Hour - Tower of Power
Exactly how many beers makes a camera smile this cheesy?

The Andy approves of his seat in the limo.

Peter Griffin Syndrome:some women can't resist fat, drunk, loud Irish guys.

Bullseye:When hanging out with a Marine and a ninja, something's gotta rub off

Thanks to everyone who made last night possible for Brien... and not just our crew of Tommy, Andy, Joe, Jimmy, Billy, Chris, Matt and Mikey... but also Mom, Dad, Marty, Sue, Hoss, Danny, Joe's drunk chick from the photo above (whoever the Hell you are), Joe's bartender cousin, the chick that gave me a massage, the cops that didn't arrest any of us for …

New York Summer Report


My Latest Invention

The Bacon, Goulash and Cheese Sandwich
Made with American goulash and American cheese, of course. You could likely pull it off with other cheeses, but I don't think "real" goulash would work... no offense to any Eastern Europeans out there, of course.
Who sez I can't cook, huh? ;)

The Best Things in Life are Free

Like getting back at your teenage godson for being an abominable smart-ass by getting into his Myspace and changing the default profile photo to this.

Hangin’ with the Daddy-Dev

The common question of the past several weeks:
“Chris, what the Hell have you been up to in New York?”

Well, for the most part, I’ve been seriously focusing on coming up with new games and ideas for my company ...and in order to do that, I felt that I had to spend some serious time living in Brooklyn with the coolest computer programmer I know and trust, my long-time friend Ezell, AKA: the Daddy-Dev. (As in Daddy game Developer)

Being an indie game developer is obviously not an easy gig... but trust me, following that dream with kids around …Wow... that’s a whole new barrel of monkeys, boys and girls. However, we are making solid progress, just the same. During my time here in New York, I have networked a little here and there and we have come up with some cool new ideas in various working and brainstorming sessions. I’ve even already added a number of new games to my company’s website, including our latest one: Alien Hill. What’s next, you ask? Well... stay tuned. ;)

D Work is Acceptable For the Times

It's very frustrating when people take knowledge that you pride yourself in possessing and decide to use it for jackassery. It's even more frustrating when said jackassery gets multinational attention.

The image above is of an Iranian missile test that was distributed by the Associated Press last Wednesday. If you've been watching the news, you probably know that the most interesting thing about this news image from Iran is that it has been digitally altered.

For those unfamiliar with this infuriating news tidbit, the NY Times version of the story can be found by clicking here.

Now, why do I find this story infuriating?

Well, here goes...

Anyone who knows me, knows that Adobe Photoshop (the software likely used to create this image) has been considered as sizable chunk of my bread and butter for many years now. I have worked as an artist, designer, consultant and even college lecturer, utilizing and sharing my expertise of this software for about 10 years now. When I look at t…

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Alright, Here's Some More

It's barely been a full day since yesterday's post and I've already heard from people asking me to post more New York images. I honestly don't think too many of the NY photos I've taken so far are that good, mainly because I haven't been doing nearly as much sightseeing as in my previous trips to the Big Apple ...but I do like to give the people what they want, so here's some more pics for those of you that want 'em. :)

Some Random NY Pictures

It's been almost 2 weeks since I started my current adventure of living in New York, and while I have been very occupied with things both personal and professional, I'm quite certain there are a few people out there who are getting kinda cross with me for not taking the time to post some photos. So, for your viewing pleasure, here's some shots to tide you guys over. ;)

Woke Up in a City That Never Sleeps

After a bizarre train ride out of Connecticut yesterday, I now find myself in the city so nice they named it twice. From now until question mark, I'll be living with friends in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn and operating out of New York City in general. The plan is to make it here so I can make it anywhere... and so far, so fun... so, we'll see. ;)

Oh, and don't worry folks, I'll get around to taking some pics soon enough.

...Enough cliches for such a short post? ;)


Beware his power!

Midget Suicide Bombers

Yes I know that title is not PC... but I don't care, because recently I've been told that they actually f@#king exist!!!

Last night, I was hanging out with my buddy who just returned to the states from serving in Iraq. Amidst some of his stranger war stories was the fact that in Iraq, some of the captured/failed suicide bombers in American custody are in fact little people. Now, given all the awesome entertainment that little people have given me in my life (especially Warwick Davis and Verne Troyer) far be it from me to make fun of them on a whim. However, I'm afraid that this is one of those situations where comedic mental imagery strongly overrides my sense of equal opportunity. I mean come on!!! If a combat strategy involves someone reaching a key position and causing a devastating explosion, what are our enemies thinking by recruiting anyone with less than near-average inconspicuousness or mobility?
"OK little guy, go wobble over there and kill yourself for Allah…

I Met a New England Celebrity

Last night, I reconnected with two of the most rockin' young guys I know in all of New England: my homeboys Drew and Fitz. Amidst having the awesome time of catching up at a small Chicopee bar, we all but killed each other with laughter by sharing hilarious stories with diverse and bizarre topics ranging from mockery of larpers to bleeding nipple incidents to video game strategies to debilitating softball mishaps to Spanish road rage to fun Asian lesbians and at one point there was even something about a teddy bear wearing a seatbelt. After all that, several drinks, and a McDonalds run, me and a drunken Drew then went back to his family's place to test our mad skills at Wii Bowling. Upon visiting Drew's familial abode, I had the honor of meeting the Legendary Dirk Connolly. Dirk has won the coveted title of Ugliest Dog in Maine multiple times, and from the picture to the left, which displays his homely and snaggle-toothed glory, you can obviously see why.

Warning: Never tr…

Appreciate the Little Things

...Because you never know what's going to brighten your day. :)

An Ominous Feeling

A German Pope at Yankee Stadium on Adolf Hitler's birthday?!?

I don't even know WTF to say next... but it's gotta mean something! As a Red Sox fan, I haven't felt such a disturbance in the Force since Johnny Damon was turned to the dark side.

Cross Country Chris

Well, never say never, I guess. I always said I was done with cold weather locales, and even though this isn't quite the dead of winter, I'm still not crazy about any thing under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Just the same, I have very recently returned to the northeastern US. I will be spending the month of April chilling out with my friends and family in Western Massachusetts before hitting the road again for my next adventure of sorts. I already disparately miss the friendships and beautiful locations I enjoyed in Hawaii, and even still, it is sometimes a bit tender to reminisce about some of my former students in Asia... but so far, it has been worth it to enjoy Mom's cooking again, surprise certain people at home or work and occasionally pet the handsome guy to the left.

Side note: My inexpensive and connection-heavy trip home has left me a little inspired to write something comparing the various airports I've encountered in the trips of my life; most recently: tropical …

Sometimes Aloha Means Goodbye

As much as many people might think this is an April Fools joke, it seems that the time has finally come to pack up and start another chapter in this strenuous but thrilling story that I call my life. Hawaii will always hold a very revered spot in my heart, but now it is time to go... However, if you think for even a second that I will not come back some day, you should really lay off the stupidity pills. ;)

I would like to share lots of mahalo to everyone in Hawaii who showed me kindness while I lived there... from those who simply showed extra patience to my eccentricities to those who sincerely opened their hearts to treat me like family ...especially Cami. ;)

I will return... but until then... Aloha.

Iao Valley

After months and months of “yeah, I’ll get around to it,” I finally got around to exploring the Legendary IaoValley.From California redwoods to Australian rainforests, I’ve already seen more than my share of truly impressive greenery around the world. However, when you take into consideration the level of climate diversity found on an island as small as Maui, there really is something extra to be said for any natural place that is so breath-taking, and no matter where you are in the world, there is also something special about lush tropical greenery that simply steals the imagination like nothing else.

Gateway to the outside world.

Belated Happy Easter, Everyone!

安息吧 師傅

Recently, someone I was once very close to passed away. To me, this person was as a teacher, a father-figure, and a kindred warrior who ceaselessly fought battles of the heart when not fighting those of the flesh. Now he has passed from this life, and many people doubtlessly feel compelled to say goodbye. As I sit here from afar, pondering my own silent maelstrom of emotions, I find that I cannot say goodbye. We say goodbye to the deceased to acknowledge that they are no longer here. We acknowledge that they are gone. However, I cannot say goodbye, because I believe that on the most powerful levels, there is no here, there is no gone, there is only ever-changing existence and how we choose to comprehend it from the confines of our own timid and linear transience. When Siddhārtha Gautama, also known as the Supreme Buddha, was on his deathbed, among other final teachings, he stated the following to his disciples:

“I have just woken up from this dream that you call life. This lifetime of…

F@#king Mario Video

You'd think by now I'd have developed an immunity to Youtube stupidity and not be strongly amused by silly little user-made videos anymore all.


If you are a gamer and you watch this vid of a guy playing a couple of custom Super Mario levels, I guarantee you will laugh until you either hurt, cry or both. :P

No Matter Where I Go...

It often seems that the strangest darn things follow me around the world.
...and sometimes even hang out next door. :)