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Ever since moving to Hawaii, every day I consider myself a little more Kaamaina and less Masshole ...but still, always a member of Red Sox Nation.

On behalf of all decent former New Englanders living on Maui:

Mahalo, Muchas Gracias, ども ありがと and Thank You for the GREAT JOB this year, guys!

Mantras, Movie Dreams and a Trapped Bird

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been somewhat fascinated with the work of Deepak Chopra and certain Vedic perspectives on spirituality.My interest sort of started with this video in particular and just kind of expanded from there.

Relatedly, a few days ago, I read some interesting stuff about brainwave coherence through listening to Vedic chants, very similar to what is discussed in this video.

...and yesterday, I was giving this phenomenon some serious thought while contemplating taking up yoga.Yoga and transcendental meditation are things I’ve tried on occasion in the past, and for years now, a few people have been suggesting I take them up more seriously ...and lately, I’ve been taking the suggestion more seriously.Anyhow, while pondering all this, on a completely unrelated web search, I came across two websites that had Vedic chants you can download as mp3.

…and when the universe speak…

Causes Round the World

Over the past several weeks, many of my friends have been rather involved in charities and other causes. In an interesting case of synchronicity, just yesterday, not one, but two of them, contacted me for support, and from opposite sides of the planet no less.

1. In New England, my friend Karo is walking to fight breast cancer. Now, just about any cancer is evil, but cancer that attacks women's breasts?!?
...jeez! Who wouldn't want to fight that?

2. Also, from Singapore, my friend Little-K beckons for support to repeal a law over there that isn't exactly gay-friendly.

So if you agree that either of these causes are worth supporting, please click the links above and help them out.

It Could Always Be Worse...

Earlier today, my super-cool friend from back east informed me that she recently discovered a great life lesson:

No matter how bad things are, at least you're not a freezing, three-legged chihuahua trapped on top of a tall garbage can.

"Yo Quiero... ah s#!%."

Island Professionalism

I am an artist, and I live on Maui.I love Maui.It’s the most beautiful place on Earth.(Only a few of the best spots in Australia even come close in my opinion.) However, for certain kinds of artists, Maui isn’t exactly the best place to be. Perhaps I’m missing something, but in my experiences so far, Maui is very a quirky little market for creative people. Sadly, this island tends to be a bit of a short-sighted environment where the great business mantra: “you get what you pay for” goes somewhat unheard.As such, many so-called “creative professionals” find themselves inadvertently creating and sustaining an underpaid market built upon questionable aesthetics and cultivated comfort zones based on the varying ignorances of their clientèle, as well as the desperation of their fellow creative people; making the term “Maui professional” an almost complete oxymoron in creative circles.
Take this recent ad on craigslist for example:

It’s bad enough this kind of reminds me of a stint I once d…

Adventures of the Tommy

As many people know, I'm less than thrilled that my childhood friend Staff Sargent Thomas Sullivan has been sent back to Iraq. The poor guy got, not one, but TWO purple hearts last time he served over there, and now, in a display of infinite push-your-luck wisdom, the powers-that-be have sent him back for another round.

Now folks, I'm no military expert, but doesn't getting wounded heroically in warfare twice warrant someone like Tommy doing something else... like maybe swapping places with one of those annoying Colonel's nephews who has a cushy recruiting job at some mall.

I dunno, am I crazy for thinking that would be fair?
(...Shut up, I know life isn't fair.)

Well, fortunately, Tommy being Tommy, he's making the best of being sent back into the catastrafuck. (Thank you, Jon Stewart) Recently, on Myspace he posted a picture of his new spot for naps.

So, after a hard day of fighting for... um... whatever the Hell our guys are still fighting for at this point, y…

A Good Day

The best combination of phrases you can ever hear on any day in the MLB post-season:

"The Red Sox win" + "New York loses"

Between that and a morning full of South Maui boogie-boarding with a couple of good people, today was a very good day. :)

New Blog

Not that I'm the most avid blogger in the world, but in recent months, I have been growing increasingly unsatisfied with the way blogs on Myspace work. So, from now on, when I blog about stuff that I normally put into my personal blogs, I will be blogging here.

Here I go again... BLOG BLOG BLOGGITY-BLOG! :P